Formula 1


A healthy meal in a glass

Herbalife Formula 1 shakes contain soy protein. Soy protein is high in nutritional value; a vegetable protein that contains eight of the essential amino acids, making it the only complete plant protein.

What’s more, research suggests that 25 grams of soy protein per day as part of a diet low in saturated fat may help support healthy blood cholesterol levels. A single shake provides you with up to 10.6 grams* of soy protein. To achieve the recommended intake of 25 grams, add an additional shake each day, and try supplementing with other Herbalife ® soy-based products like Herbalife Formula3 Personalised Protein Powder and other foods such as soy tofu.

*Formula 1 Cookies & Cream

  • Filling: Combines soy protein and plant based carbohydrates to help you stay fuller for longer and keep your energy levels high
  • Scientifically proven: a proven and affective way to help you control your weight
  • Nutritious: Contains high levels of essential vitamins and minerals to help you achieve a balanced diet
  • Calorie-controlled; contains approximately 220kcal guilt-free enjoyment when made according to directions
  • Also available F1 Free From – free from Lactose, soy, Gluten and suitable for vegetarians


Canister 550g:

Vanilla  #0141

Chocolate  #0142


Tropical Fruit

Cookies & Cream  #0146

F1 Free From / Vanilla  #3118